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over san francisco. >> looks good. lawrence karnow soaking it all in. necessary concord with the mobile weather lab and a lot of friends. >> reporter: yes, we are. we are with the fifth graders at monte gardens elementary school in concord. what a gort day outside today. we have brought our mobile weather lab out here. what's your name? >> jackie. >> reporter: can you tell me the temperature on our mobile weather lab. >> 79 degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: do you think it's hot out here today? >> yes. >> reporter: is it as hot as yesterday? >> no. >> reporter: no, it's not and that is a very good observation. it's not as hot today but still, on the warm side. of course, we have those record- breaking temperatures yesterday. i don't think it will be there today but it's going to get close in some spots. but there's a big change in the weather coming our way. we'll have more on that and more on the mobile weather lab coming up, guys, in a few minutes. back to you. >> hey, we're happy with that 79. all right, lawrence, thyou. >> got a good crew there, lawrence. >>> an eight-hour standof
war is the lawrence livermore lab. it built the defense necessary. >> reporter: it sits in a rolling brown valley about 40 miles east of san francisco. from the air the 800 or so acre site has a look of a small college campus. on the grown tree lined streets and buildings remind you of those old company towns. the self-sustaining communities that existed solely for the industry they maintained. but this place gated and guarded here in livermore is in fact, one of the most technologically advanced and dangerous places on earth. today the lauren livermore plant is the defense of the most powerful nations in the world. a lofty position when you consider its humble and not too distant beginnings. this has always been cattle country. then the government came in and built that plant. by 1952 the uc radiation facility opened a modest lab. it employed 75 people and it came to be known as the lawrence livermore lab. this small group of scientists found themselves working in left over world war ii facilities. the infirmary was the first lab.
of the cold war is the lawrence livermore lab. it built the defense necessary. >> reporter: it sits in a rolling brown valley about 40 miles east of san francisco. from the air the 800 or so acre site has a look of a small college campus. on the grown tree lined streets and buildings remind you of those old company towns. the self-sustaining communities that existed solely for the industry they maintained. but this place gated and guarded here in livermore is in fact, one of the most technologically advanced and dangerous places on earth. today the lauren livermore plant is the defense of the most powerful nations in the world. a lofty position when you consider its humble and not too distant beginnings. this has always been cattle country. then the government came in and built that plant. by 1952 the uc radiation facility opened a modest lab. it employed 75 people and it came to be known as the lawrence livermore lab. this small group of scientists found themselves working in left over world war ii facilities. the infirmary was the first lab. their mission was one of outstanding
on friday night. cbs reporter edward lawrence joins us live in boston now with the very latest. good morning. >> porter: good morning, frank and michelle. the mother of the two accused suspect respects in the bombing actually spoke -- suspects in the bombing actually spoke to a british newspaper and said she is proud of her two boys. she said there is no way she believes they are guilty of this crime but the 19-year-old suspect told interrogators inside his hospital room that he did play a role in the bombings here in boston according to cbs news sources. 19-year-old johar tsarnaev's hospital room became a makeshift courtroom monday. a federal judge arraigned the terror suspect and announced he is being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction during boston marathon bombings last week. it killed three and injured 180. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. prosecutors believe he and his 26-year-old brother tamerlan placed two pressure cooker bombs on boylston street around the marathon finish line. tamerlan died friday in a shootout witpolice r being treated for gunshoun he a
>> hi, i'm lawrence corn field. welcome to building san francisco. we have a special series, stay safe. we're looking at earthquake issues. and today we're going to be talking with a residential building owner about what residential building owners and tenants can and should do before earthquakes and after earthquakes. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at this wonderful spur exhibit on mission street in san francisco and i have with me today my good friend george. thanks for joining me, george. and george has for a long time owned residential property here in san francisco. and we want to talk about apartment buildings and what the owner's responsibilities might be and what they expect their tenants to do. and let's start by talking a little bit about what owners can do before an earthquake and then maybe after an earthquake. >> well, the first thing, lawrence, would be to get together with your tenants and see if they have earthquake insurance or any renters insurance in place because that's going to be key to protecting them in the event of a quake. >> and renters insurance, there are two k
, lawrence, senior administration officials say the president will continue to be updated on this situation throughout the evening. and right now, they are approaching this as an act of terror. i'll read you the latest statement we have coming out of the white house. it says, quote, any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. however, we don't yet know who carried out this attack. and the thorough investigation will have to determine whether it was planned or carried out by a terrorist group, foreign or domestic. that is the question key, lawrence, was this an act of terror carried out by a foreign group or domestic group? you heard in his comments there, president obama making the point that whoever carried this out will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the president was made aware of this at about 3:00 this afternoon. he reached out to boston mayor tom menino, as well as the governor of massachusetts deval patrick, not only to help, but to make it clear that the federal government wi
word with lawrence o'donnell" begins now. have a great night. >>> we have breaking news in the boston bombing investigation tonight, the suspect in custody is communicating with investigators by nodding his head yes to some questions and shaking his head no to others. he has told investigators that he and his brother acted on their own. >> after two days in the hospital, the 19-year-old suspect is awake and being interrogated. >> the charges have been unsealed against dzhokhar tsarnaev, a terrorism charge, use of a weapon of mass destruction and the other is malicious destruction of property resulting in death. two bombing charges that could carry the death penalty. >> they may have been radicalized but there are no direct links to al qaeda. >> one man reached in, opened the door, points a gun at him, says i am quoting from the court document, did you hear about the boston explosion, i did that. >> that boast, i did that, is one of the compelling pieces of evidence in this complaint. >> boston and the nation pause for a moment of silence today. >> to mark one week since the deadly mar
they are looking into. again, president obama is continuing to monitor the situation into the evening. lawrence? >> kristen welker, thank you. joining me now with the latest on that investigation, nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. >> lawrence, good evening. investigators know for certain that this attack involved two bombs. but what they don't know the is whether there were any other explosives involved. frankly the information is confused tonight. at least five other packages found on the street were deemed to be suspicious and destroyed by boston police and bomb squad techs. there were many packages to check, officials say because after the explosions people dropped what they were carrying and ran away. we have heard conflicting accounts about whether there were also some unexploded bombs. some officials say tonight that the two other packages were found that contained some forms of explosives but other officials say there were just the two bombs, the two that went off. safe to say that remains unclear. several officials say the bombs that did go off included shrapnel that multip
and his brother were motivated by religious extremism. cbs reporter edward lawrence reports, he will be tried in a civilian court. >>> reporter: 19-year-old johar tsarnaev's hospital room became a makeshift courtroom monday. a federal judge arraigned the terror suspect and announced he is being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction during the bob boston marathon bombings last week. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. prosecutors believe he and his 26-year-old brother tamerlan placed two pressure cooker bombs on boylston street around the marathon finish line. tamerlan died friday in a shootout with police. johar is being treated for gunshot wounds here at beth israel hospital but despite being listed in serious condition, the judge said, i find that the death of is alert, mentally competent and lucid. cbs news learned interrogators questioned johar in his hospital bed side and reportedly he told them that he and his brother acted alone in order to carry out the marathon bombings. our sources say the tsarnaev brothers read jihadist websites but were not repor
're in for a cooler day. we'll have more on that coming up, liz. >> thanks, lawrence. we'll go outside towards the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see, it's still super light at 4:30 coming into san francisco. we'll get a check of your overnight roadwork coming up. >> thank you. >>> caltrans is expected to talk today about those bad bolts on the new bay bridge span. the bolts started snapping last month and as kpix 5's anne makovec reports, experts warn more are in jeopardy of failing. not good news this morning, anne. >> reporter: transportation authorities are having their third meeting this very important issue today. and, of course, we're just a few months away from the new span scheduled opening. basically this new expert is warning that more of these steel rods could snap in case of an earthquake if we don't see more of them snap before that happens. more may break. "contra costa times" is quoting a metallurgist, slamming them that inattention and ignorance led to the problem. 288 rods many faulty were installed into the east pier of the bridge, 32 snapping in march. chung tells the bay area
a popular brand of dog food and how to make sure your pet is eating healthy coming up. >> i'm lawrence karnow. we are live at where? and we are talking about the weather with our mobile weather lab. more on that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vehicle possibly connected kidnapping attempt. >>> around the bay area, pittsburg police are looking for a car in a kidnapping attempt. a maroon or burgandy ford explorer. snowflake way last friday when a man tried to grab a two year old girl from a front yard. >> why san mateo county agencies led to dozens of guns. bought two assault weapons. they later confiscated more weapons and found a loaded handgun in the bedroom of bowman's three year old child. >> george zimmermann accused of killing a florida teenager was back in court today. >> is it your decision not to have a pretrial immunity hearing? >> after consultation with my counsel, yes, your honor. >> has anybody threatened you? >> nope. >> zimmermann claims he shot trayvon martin in self defense. his lawyer says he prefers a jury, not a judge address criminal liability. the trial is set to begi
and targets like the shell oil refinery, lawrence livermore lab and bart. >>> new this morning, the u.s. is delaying a planned missile test as tensions rise with north korea. the ballistic missile test was scheduled to take place tuesday at vandenberg air force base in southern california but chuck hagel delayed the tests amid concerns it could heighten the conflict withny -- with north korea. >>> meantime south korea's top military officer also postponing a planned visit to the u.s. the chairman of south korea's joint chiefs of staff had planned to meet with his u.s. counterpart general martin dempsey in washington later this month. but officials say south korea's military officials can't be away at a time when north korea is threatening to attack. >>> as tensions continue to escalate, we are getting new details about the people empowering north korea. kim jong-un took over in december of 2011 but who is advising him in reporter chris lawrence took a closer look at kim jong-un's inner circle. >> north korean video shows how kim jong-un wants the wor
. what's considered a safe amount for expectant mothers. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. we have some wind-swept skies clear all the way to the coastline. might be surprised how warm these temperatures are going to get. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] pregnant woman may not haveo give-up alcohol. cbs reporter >>> welcome back. in today's healthwatch, a new study shows pregnant women may not have to give up alcohol. cbs reporter alison harmelin with the experts who say, light drinking may not be harmful to babies. >> reporter: first time mother sarah little made sure to eat a balanced diet while she was pregnant with baby aaron. the 31-year-old would also have an occasional drink. >> i had a glass of win
posted. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell again in boston tonight. have a great night. >> people are already calling the fbi tonight, hoping to help identify the two men suspected of planting bombs here in boston. bombs that killed three people, including the 8-year-old boy who will never return to the third grade classroom that i visited today. >> at this time, these are the people of interest. somebody out there knows these individuals. >> authorities have the face. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> it's not going to take long for somebody to recognize these people. >> no bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly n inconsequential is too small. that. >> investigation could be moving faster, were it not for the successful lobbying efforts of the national rifle association. >> the nra has acted shamefully. >> this bill only managed to win 54 votes. >> if the nra didn't score this, we would have had 15 more votes. >> is there any difference between sandy hook and boston other than the choice of weapon? >> the president and fir
up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. if the commute takes you to 580 in livermore, you might want to leave five or 10 minutes early. there are backups behind an accident westbound 580 approaching north greenville. it is in the center divide but you can see some slowing already. actually both directions. coming through the altamont pass no issues out of tracy. closer towards the dublin interchange, this is a live look close to 680 where then things are moving nicely all the way towards the castro valley y at 580. silicon valley commute westbound 237, no issues this morning heading out of milpitas towards sunnyvale. and mass transit to run on time. bart has more than 20 trains on schedule. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. westbound 92 at top speeds at the high-rise towards foster city. drive time 14 or 15 minutes out of hayward. and now here's our live look at the upper deck of the bay bridge coming into san francisco on the "s" curve. still very nice on the approach. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> boston i
of the terror attacks. to discuss that, i want to bring if lawrence o'donnell, who is live in boston, host of msnbc's "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." thanks for joining us. you are a son of boston. you've talked with community members, family members affected. what is the mood on the ground in boston? >> there's a mourning going on here, alex. we're dealing with deaths, we're dealing with grievous injuries, and the emotion although flow that i've been in since i've been here, and before i got here is really sadness. there's the shock of what has happened, is still being processed. we haven't gotten to the actual formal wake and funeral stage yet here, in a normal death situation. that would already be going on. and so there's a big pause here. and a real -- just a real sadness is the feeling that you're in all the time here. >> you know, lawrence, after 9/11, i remember how new yorkers kind of came together, and there was this sense of a building of a collective metropolitan identity. what new york stood for, who new yorkers were, the fabric that connected us all together. we've s
under investigation. >>> we love this kind of weather. i'm not sure lawrence does because he doesn't have to work on these kind of days. >> are you kidding me?! one of the most difficult things to forecast is the fog. i have been doing it for years. but just trying to track and see how far that's going to go onshore makes a huge difference in the weather. i'm very busy, guys. >> all right! we believe you! [ laughter ] >> okay. we have some patchy fog out there right now. it has moved inside the bay in some of the valleys. we'll see a lot of sunshine as we head in toward the afternoon and nice weather. it should be pretty good but temperatures are going to cool off outside as the onshore breeze kicks in dropping the temperatures. you're looking at patchy fog out over the bay right now. kind of broken right now with the bay bridge. temperatures running in the 40s and also the 50s in most spots. it looks like towards the afternoon hours, numbers still warming up nice. 74 milpitas. 75 in east bay. mid- to upper 70s today so we are done with the 80s right now. and then as you head towar
. let the record show it in all honesty. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. >>> the president went back to connecticut today to talk to the people who republicans are hoping america will forget. >> we will not walk away from the promises we made. we're not for getting. >> president obama will be in connecticut this afternoon. >> it really is a make or break week. >> make or break week for gun legislation. >> connecticut has shown the way. now is the time for congress to do the same. >> the u.s. senate is about to reconvene. >> congress is back tackling gun legislation. >> after a two week recess. >> let's have a debate on violence in america. >> 13 senate republicans threatened threats of the filibuster. >> senate republicans seem afraid to engage in the debate. >> i don't understand it. the purpose of the united states senate is to debate. >> going to filibuster a bill they don't even know. >> i don't understand it, what are we afraid of? >> 90% believe we should do something. >> i don't think 90% agree it is monday. >> allow a
york times." gabby giffords. now it's time for lawrence o'donnell reporting from boston. have a great night. >>> today the gun lobbyists at the nra got what they wanted on the floor of the united states senate and tonight lobbyists from the nra have made it harder for the fbi to find the murderer who planted the bombs here in boston. >> the investigation into monday's bombing in boston intensifies. >> there's a lot of information flying around right now. >> we've heard conflicting information. >> various media accounts right now as to whether or not someone is in custody. >> a suspect is about to be arre arrested. >> i have just been told that an arrest has been made. >> we are not comfortable reporting that. >> several law enforcement officers have told us that hasn't happened. >> on the record, there's been no arrests in the boston bombings case. >> here is what we actually know. >> investigators have identified solid leads from video evidence. >> investigators have obtained video. >> surveillance video specifically from a department store. >> the person placing a black bag down nea
facts of the case so far. >> lawrence, i would say it is true that the sisters are probably closer to this than the mother who is overseas, and the father who is overseas. i have to admit that i have a bit of sympathy -- i had a lot of sympathy for the entire family. and, you know, any mother or father who is faced with this, i don't really think that these are especially useful witnesses as to what their child did or did not do and why they did or did not do it. when i think you're talking about so much grief and confusion that, again, these are not the witnesses to whom i would turn for factual evidence in a case. >> joy, the fireworks stuff, this stuff is legal in new hampshire, it's illegal in massachusetts. it's very common there. you drive up over the new hampshire border, you grab this stuff, and you bring it back. and the question is, is this where they got the totality of the gunpowder that they used for this bomb making? but the different state laws making different things easier to obtain here than there are part of what this story is about. >> yeah, and the difficulty o
it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. >>> the president gave his latest speech on gun and ammunition control in colorado today. near aurora where a madman killed 12 and wounded 58 in a movie theater using high powered machinery of death that the nra made sure he could get. >> this time it must be different. this time we must do something to protect our communities. >> president obama heads to denver today. >> president obama hits the road. >> they still want us to do something. >> gun violence tops the agenda. >> to stop the epidemic of gun violence. >> if connecticut and colorado can do it, how come congress can't? >> politics is getting in the way. >> pushing the background check bill. >> background checks for criminals. >> it is a test of political will. >> it shouldn't be such a political test. >> why are we not seeing that support from lawmakers? >> ask the nra. >> you have the nra lining up against background checks. >> they're against background checks. >> it is not safe, it is not smart. >> it is idiotic. >> this is where we are with guns in this
to prevent gun violence. he met with vice president biden at the white house today. and lawrence keane, senior vice president and general counsel for the national shooting sports foundation. it's the trade association for the firearms industry. we welcome both of you to the newshour. chief johnson, let me start with you. how well does the current background check system work? >> well, certainly we know across america nearly 40% of all guns that are transferred, nearly 6.6 million, are done outside of licensed federal dealers. we know when a buyer goes to a licensed federal dealer it does work. there's many reputable gun shops all across america, nearly 58,000 stop that stop these guns from getting in the hands of bad people. nearly two million guns were stopped from being purchased through that system. >> woodruff: but you're saying it misses a lot of guns. >> nearly 40% and we have case after case all across america where these guns were purchased at gun shows and the penny saver ads and over the internet where they get in the hands of people who should not have them. >> woodruff: law
time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." lawrence has a rare prime time interview with dianne feinstein of california. please stay tuned for that. have a great night. >>> the senate has done it before. passed an assault weapons ban and limit on high capacity ammunition magazines back when the united states senate was not afraid to stand with dianne feinstein. she joins me for a "last word" exclusive. >> it is time for them to say what they think. >> can emotion trump deep division. >> yeah or nay. >> he is joining the filibuster, getting a powerful ally. >> mitch mcconnell, threatening to filibuster the gun safety bill. >> clearly had no bipartisan support in committee. >> at least pretend you're interested in it. >> see what he decides to turn to. >> please pretend you give a damn about what happened. >> for god's sake, we have to have debate. >> we have to have a vote. >> clearly no support in committee. >> trying to avoid a primary in 2014. >> then there's the mother jones report. >> leaked recordings published today. >> exposing raw politics of a lot of campaig
's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. have a great night. thanks for being with us. >>> the next place the boston bombing suspects said they wanted to bomb. was times square. >>> there's a lot of new stuff coming to light. >> the boston marathon investigation. >> we thought there was a possibility they could be a related attack here. >> the suspects were planning to detonate more bombs in new york city. >> new york city was next on their list of targets. >> this information comes from the interview with the suspect. >> this was only aspirational. >> delusions of grandeur. >> undeveloped and aspirational. >> when they realized the vehicle they hijacked was low on gas. >> never rejected anyone american, just because they are american. >> she says investigators have not started questioning him. >> there must be a real gap here between what we believe happened and what she believes. >> the eyes of the world may have been fixed on places far away. >> 2,800 people attempt to pick up the pieces. >> our hearts have been here. >> after one of the worst indu
been back on campus after the attack. chris lawrence is there this morning. what are students saying this morning? >> reporter: they are still in shock. we're now getting some new information about what happened between monday's bombing and friday's capture. we're learning basically while investigators were pouring over thousands of videos and photos trying to piece together what had happened, the man who was at the center of that video was right here on campus going to the gym to work out and sleeping many his dorm room. the helicopters came and left campus. s.w.a.t. teams and investigators hauled potential evidence from the dorm. but they couldn't answer students' biggest question. why did the teenager they knew as dzhokhar return to campus after the boston marathon bombing? >> are you surprised after what happened on monday he could come back to the dorms, go work out at the gym, maybe go to a party. >> i'm really surprised. why would you come back? come back for what? it's not possible to come back to living a normal life. >> reporter: that's exactly what dzhokhar tsarnaev did. h
and ideas for your mother's day brunch with executive chef david lawrence and can could god be a back woman? >> a rock-your-world now exhibit at the african-american culture complex next on black renaissance. >>> good morning, i'm your host dr. brenda wade. the national cancer institute estimates that nearly 27,000 african-american women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. why is this number so high and what, most importantly, can you do to prevent this illness? we have to provide treatment for women with breast cancer. and here to tell us about a special free breast cancer and health conference, taking place may 4th is miss pamela ratliff. she joins us from the community partnership program at the stanford cancer institute. good morning. welcome back. >> good morning. thank you. >> it's so good to have you back, pamela. >> thank you. >> i know how much heart and soul you put into this conference every year. tell us why you do what you do with this conference? >> well, it's important for me having had a mother who had breast cancer. >> uh-huh. >> several family members and knowi
warmer according to brian hackney who is in for lawrence karnow today. >> have you been out? >> yes. >> it's actually -- >> it's awesome! >> -- warm. beautiful. i know, it's gorgeous. so you would think it can't last. it will! in fact, it's going to be nice and there's not going to be many may flowers because we'll be short on ril showers for the next 10 days or so. the bay bridge was opened in november of 1936 and the numbers are some of the best weather they have seen in april. concord at 69. the numbers this morning are about -- oakland actually cooler than it was yesterday. there's always an exception. but everybody else is warmer. san francisco is up to 68. san jose 70 degrees. and in santa rosa, 73. here's how it looks as we fly y we have plenty of afternoon sun. it will be warmer today, clear tonight ane dry ather continuing as far as the eye can see for the next zen or eight days all because this seven or eight days all because this high pressure system is building in the eastern pacific so everybody warms up even the shoreline. we have offshore direction winds from livermo
is so pro-jewish? in the wrote back, because he is intelligent. [laughter] in fact he went with lawrence of arabia to palestine after world war i. [inaudible] >> he was in he wiseman very much and apparently an english bishop said something derogatory about wiseman. lawrence of arabia wrote a letter and it's uncertain whether he sent it or not in which he wrote and said you are not fit to wear wiseman's shoes. churchmen -- churchill was very pro-jewish and he had a slight change of thought when a friend of his was assassinated by two jewish young men in egypt, yeah. actually when churchill went to the lawrence of arabia who assted visor in the middle east, a group of herbst would shoot and kill off the jews which lawrence knew what they were saying and he didn't tell churchill what they were saying. there is somebody over there asking for a microphone. >> i would like to know how you research the book. did you realize -- rely solely on historic documents were for you able to conduct personal interviews with their subjects? >> i did a lot of interviews and a lot of research in the various
] >> in fact he went to lawrence of arabia to palestine after world war i. >> [inaudible] >> he was. he admired wiseman very much. and apparently it might've been even -- know, an english bishop said something, derogatory about wiseman. lawrence of arabia wrote a letter and it's not certain whether he sent it or not, in which he wrote to the british and said you're not fit to blank weitzman shoes. church was very pro-jewish and pro-israel. he had a slight change of course when a close friend of his was assassinated like two young jewish young men in egypt. >> [inaudible] >> actually when churchill went with lawrence of arabia, was his adviser, they went to a group of the group were shouting kill all the jews, which lawrence knowing arabic quite well knew what they were saying and didn't come he didn't tell churchill what they were saying in case he was too scared. but there is someone over there asking for a microphone. >> i would like to know how you researched the book. did you realize only a historic documents or were you able to conduct personal interviews with any of his subjects? >> i did
, including a world premiere reading by lawrence ferlinghetti. >> the birth of an american corporate fascism, the next to last free states radio, the next-to-last independent newspaper raising hell, the next-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties
than the world thought before. let's go to our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. chris, does the u.s. still think north korea is going to test the missile? >> reporter: they think it is a matter of time at this point, although obviously they would prefer he not conduct that test. they have seen north korea move two missiles to the east coast, they have seen him raise the launcher and then lower it, but they're not sure if that means kim may be backing off his threat or if they're just testing out before firing. key thing to look for, tomorrow night, sunday night our time, it is already april 15th in korea. that's the birthday of north korea's founder. a lot of folks we talk to say they expect to see a test on or before that date. >> what about the new intelligence assessment coming from the penalty gone that north korea may be further along now than we thought in terms of actually being able to put a nuclear war head on a missile? >> reporter: that's right. that was part of a bigger assessment that came from the defense intelligence agency. part of their job is to look at the missi
it because that is your life. hi, i'm lawrence. we are doing a special series about staying safe. let's look at issues of water and sewer. we are here at the san francisco urban center on mission street in san francisco and i'm joined today by marrielen from puc and talk about water and sewer issues. what are things we should be concerned about water. >> you want to be prepared for that scenario and the recommendation is to have stored 1 gallon per person per day that you are out of water. we recommend that you have at least 3-5 days for each person and also keep in consideration storage needs for your pets and think about the size of your pets and how much water they consume. >> the storage which is using tap water which you are going to encourage. >> right. of course at the puc we recommend that you store our wonderful delicious tap water. it's free. it comes out of the tap and you can store it in any plastic container, a clean plastic container for up to 6 months. so find a container, fill it with water and label it and rotate it out. i use it to water my garden. >> of course everyone has
the surviving suspect faces a list of charges. cbs reporter edward lawrence is live in boston and says that suspect could face the death penalty. edward? >> reporter: boston and the nation paused about 10 minutes ago to honor the exact moment when the two bombs went off at the marathon finish. meanwhile, the case against the teenaged bombing suspect is moving forward. a federal judge went to his room today at his hospital room and charged him with the crimes. bells tolled across boston after the city held a moment of silence to mark the one-week anniversary of the marathon bombings. the bombing suspect faced a judge from his hospital bed this morning. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been charged with using a weapons of mass destruction and could face death. the 19-year-old has been responding to investigators' questions in writing because an injury is preventing him from speaking. cbs news has learned his answers suggest johar and his brother tamerlan acted alone. >> he is not saying there is a whole second wave of plots or plotters here. still, there are places where they made the explosives an
association pay you individually to do this and are they still paying you? >> lawrence, let me tell you that i have compiled this group of experts together to prepare this report. >> if you were watching this program at this hour last night, you know that i never did get an answer to how much money changed hands. on page 69 of that report it says in 2010, a 16-year-old attacker killed six people, hiding in a locked classroom in hayesings middle school in minnesota by stepping through a tempered glass window that ran alongside the classroom door. a fine level of detail there. as mother jones reported today, that never happened. what did happen at the hastings middle school is an eighth grader scared people by brandishing a gun but never used it. police said at the time the charges were filed that the student didn't even have the right bullets for that gun. joining me now, mark follman, senior editor with mother jones, frank smyth, and nia malika-henderson, reporter for "the washington post." mark, the nra report had a pretty rough first day of fact checking. you're the one that discovered the g
officers are going door-to-door right now. >> chris lawrence is at the campus of the university of massachusetts in dartmouth. actually had been registered there as a student. at this hour the campus is closed and controlled evacuation, those are the words. a controlled evacuation on the campus is underway. chris, what are you learning? >> you know, wolf, we're standing here basically surrounded by police. not only university of mass dartmouth police, but state police as well as well as local officials. and we're seeing just literally dozens and hundreds of students streaming off of the campus. we've had a chance to talk to a few of them. one of the students said basically they got an e-mail earlier saying that the campus was on lockdown. then their r.a. started coming to their door door by door saying look, you've got to go, you've got to evacuate the campus. and then we ran into a few students who are sitting outside the campus who say they know tsarnaev, that they went to high school with them. one of the young men we spoke with says he remembers tsarnaev being a wrestler. he
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